Welcome to Faerly Odd.

The tale of a Water Demon / Faerie crossbreed who hates his Fey heritage, though after visiting the grave of his old lover finds himself stuck taking care of three pretty faerie brats, who despite his temper, adore him beyond all belief.... (NOTE: MxM relationships and possible yaoi -ness)

Yep, I'm back!

Indeed, I am back, and not only do I have page 33 up, but I will have three more to be progressively released. Now that I have formulated a way to give you all my special brand of stylish smut, I think I will be getting more pages out in a more regular fashion, so be delighted!

And once again thank you for all of the kind comments and art compliments! I live to make you people shiny traditional art business.


Thanks all!

Wow, it's been good getting messages from all of you and all the lovely comments on this comic. Thank you of course for your patience as I attempt to get some out. Worry not though, some juicy parts are coming up very, very soon, so you don't need to worry about getting our fix of sexy traditional art man on man action.

Since I have yet to get another page out just yet I posted some tasty extra art that's faery related. Keep in mind that the characters pictured are just random, and not actually any of our FO boys.

Your Truly,

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